Bachelor Program

The Minor in Aging Sciences

An undergraduate minor in Aging Sciences is available for students interested in pursuing careers in conjunction with any undergraduate major. Requirements for the minor in Aging Sciences are a total of 15 hours of the following courses.

Required Course:

  • GEY 2000, Introduction to Aging Sciences (3)

Required Courses: Choose 2 of the following 3 courses:

  • GEY 3601, Physical Changes and Aging (3
  • GEY 4612, Psychology of Aging (3)
  • GEY 4628, Health, Ethnicity and Aging (taught during Spring semesters only)


  • Six additional GEY credit hours

Other Undergraduate Aging Options:

As the older adult population in the U.S. increases, understanding of the aging process is important for students from all majors. Aging Sciences is available as a cognate area in four Bachelor's programs: the Bachelor of Science in Applied Sciences, and the Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Bachelor of General Studies.

For more information, please see the following websites:

Undergraduate Catalog 

Finally, a variety of Gerontology courses can be used to satisfy liberal arts elective requirements.