Bachelor Program

Bachelor of Science in Long Term Care Administration

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Long-Term Care Administration is a specialist degree which, in addition to providing students with a basic education in aging, is intended to prepare them for entry-level positions in Nursing Home Administration. This degree requires 39 hours of course work, plus prerequisites. This course of study is especially appropriate for students who intend to begin working immediately following completion of the degree program.

Required Courses:

Students also complete the following twenty-one (21) hours of prerequisites:

These courses are intended to reflect additional educational requirements mandated by the State of Florida and specified in Chapter 21z.11 of the Florida Administrative Code

Students in the Long-Term Care Administration program should understand that they will only be allowed to register for the full-time internship (GEY 4945) after successful completion of all (or all but one) of the required courses in the B.S. major. Be-cause the internship requires full-time effort, students will be allowed to take no more than 3 credits concurrent with the internship.

Students in the Long-Term Care Administration program are encouraged to become members of the USF Chapter of the American College of Health Care Administrators, which meets monthly on campus.