Leadership in Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health

This focus area prepares students for the opportunities and challenges of leadership in public and private child-serving organizations. Students will develop knowledge and skills in innovation, communication, organizational capacity building, change management, values-based action, and research translation.


In this focus area, students will gain knowledge and practical experience in these areas:

  • Demonstrate leadership skill in the identification and implementation of innovative ideas, methods, and technologies needed to successfully respond to individual, organizational, and community needs.
  • Use constructive and reciprocal communication to advance organizational policy and goals, foster collaboration, and build constituencies among stakeholders.
  • Apply the leadership role to organizational capacity building, the development of a skilled workforce, and productive organizational practices.
  • Demonstrate leadership skill in managing change and developing the organizational capacity necessary to successfully generate and sustain positive change within evolving contexts and environments.
  • Use leadership skill to inspire value-based action that is grounded in clearly articulated organizational vision, mission, and goals and that support achievement of outcomes.
  • Develop the leadership capacity to translate research into organizational policy and practice by identifying, synthesizing, and integrating relevant research and evaluation approaches and using data to improve operations and outcomes that meet the needs of diverse audiences.

For additional information on the Leadership focus area, contact Dr. Linda Callejas.

If after viewing the information on the CABH focus areas, you are still uncertain about which one would fit best with your specific situation, please contact either the Director of the area for which you plan to apply, and/or Debra Mowery, PhD. Keep in mind that there is overlap between all curriculums and the choice of focus area should be based on your specific interests, and career and educational goals. The choices of focus area and track (thesis or applied/non-thesis track) need to be declared at the time of application.