Addictions and Substance Abuse Profession Certificate

The Addictions and Substance Abuse Profession Certificate is designed for students interested in pursuing a career working in the addiction and substance abuse field. Completion of the certificate program meets partial requirement for state certification as an addiction professional (CAP). According to the Florida Certification Board, the CAP designation is a professional substance abuse credential for people who assess, develop and provide substance abuse treatment services and plans. individuals holding the CAP are recognized/hold the practice rights of "qualified professionals" per Chapter 397, F.S. and is recognized by Florida's State Medicaid Plan. Therefore, this credential will allow students to practice in substance abuse field. This certificate program is beneficial to persons in sociology, social work, psychology, criminology, pre-med, nursing, and any closely related human service field.

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Addictions and Substance Abuse Profession Certificate Declaration
Addictions and Substance Abuse Profession Certificate Application of Completion