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Equal Opportunity Liaisons

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The work of Equal Opportunity Liaisons shall consist of assisting their administrators, deans, vice presidents, chairs, directors, in developing and implementing an effective and responsive Equal Opportunity Program, Equity Accountability Program, and Affirmative Action Plan. In addition to ensuring equal opportunity for all applicants in the search process, their work focuses on the recruitment and retention of underutilized persons in their respective colleges/divisions.

EOLs assist the Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunity Office in the development, implementation and monitoring of diversity, equity and affirmative action programs. They are appointed by their Vice President or dean and the appointees' names are given to the Chief Diversity Officer of the Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunity (DIEO) Office.

Duties and Responsibilities

1.Ensuring compliance with the USF Faculty, Administrative, and Staff Recruitment and Selection Guidelines:

2. Assisting in the organization of the Search Committee by:

3. Briefing Search Committee on the Equity Accountability Plan and Affirmative Action Plan of the Hiring Unit:

4. Facilitating compliance of Hiring Authorities and Search Committees with Equal Opportunity Policies:

5. Assessing the acceptability of the applicant pool, which includes reviewing the:

6. Assisting in the recruitment of members of the protected classes: