Title IX Conference

Conference Overview



This national conference will be held February 27-28, 2020, in Tampa, Florida on the USF campus.

All sessons and events will take place in the Marshall Student Center (MSC). Please visit this page to find out more information about the MSC including parking, food options and more.

Hosted by USF and other State University System groups, the conference will encompass the dynamic role of Title IX in both student and administrative bodies, highlighting the imperative need for cooperation between offices, departments, and campuses as a whole. 

Registration includes two robust days of training and workshops focused on Title IX compliance as a community approach. In addition to renowned speakers the conference will offer an investigator training option, included in the registration fees. 

This conference is geared towards anyone who has a role in supporting your institution's Title IX program including professionals from HR, student affairs, , violence prevention, law enforcement, student conduct, equity officers, faculty, staff and community partners both on and off campus.

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Highlights from 2019: