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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Equal Opportunity?
Equal Opportunity aims to ensure that discrimination is prohibited in employment and education.

What is Affirmative Action?
Affirmative action is an umbrella term, which refers to a variety of narrowly, tailored and highly regulated efforts used by employers and educational institutions to overcome past and continuing discrimination in order to allow qualified women and minorities to compete equally for jobs, education, and promotional opportunities.
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What is USF's Policy regarding Equal Opportunity?
The University of South Florida is a diverse community that values and expects respect and fair treatment of all people. The University strives to provide a work and study environment for faculty, staff and students that is free from discrimination on the basis of race, color, marital status, sex, religion, national origin, disability or age, as provided by law. The University is also committed to the employment and advancement of qualified veterans with disabilities and veterans of the Vietnam era. Unlawful discrimination, harassment and retaliation are prohibited at the University. Behavior that constitutes unlawful discrimination, harassment or retaliation is unacceptable.
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Protection from discrimination based on sexual orientation is part of the University rules. Anyone who feels he or she has been discriminated against based on this issue should be referred to the Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunity office.

What is USF's Policy regarding sexual harassment?
Sexual harassment is illegal discrimination with a sexual connotation, and is defined in USF policy as: "unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal and physical conduct of a sexual nature." Sexual harassment may also be behavior that is causing a hostile, intimidating, or offensive working or learning environment. Sexual harassment is not limited to problems involving men harassing women and women harassing men. It may also involve individuals of the same sex.
Review USF's Sexual Harassment Policy including definitions

What is prohibited discrimination?
The most common forms of discrimination are prejudice and stereotyping Federal, state, and local laws prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex (including sexual harassment), color, age, race, religion, national origin, and disability. University rules prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. If any of the above is a motivating factor in a decision related to the terms and conditions of employment, then the employer has engaged in unlawful discrimination. In the educational arena we must also be aware of the same concepts as they apply in the classrooms, to student relations, in athletics, or to student social settings. Discrimination at USF will not be tolerated and may result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal or expulsion.

How do you handle perceived discrimination and/or harassment?
First and foremost, if you are able tell the violator that the behavior/language is unacceptable, then do so. Next, write down the "who, what when, where, and how" of the incident. Then immediately report the matter to a supervisor or the head of the department in which you are enrolled or employed. If you observe harassment don not walk away from it, report it. Additionally, you may contact the Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunity office,  (813) 974-4373
Fill out and provide to DIEO an "Intake Information Form"

If someone I supervise comes to me with equal opportunity concerns, what steps should I take?
Supervisors are required by USF's Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunity Policy to report such concerns to the DIEO office. You may use the "Incident Report Form" at the following link to provide the information to this office. As a supervisor, you are also required by policy to report equal opportunity concerns to the DIEO office even if the person sharing these concerns with you is not someone you supervise.
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I am a faculty member do I have an obligation to report to DIEO equal opportunity concerns that are brought to my attention by a student?
Faculty members and other instructors, including Graduate Teaching Assistants are required by policy to report such concerns to DIEO. Please use the "Incident Report Form" to report such concerns.
Incident Report Form

What is the diversity component of the office?
This component of the Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunity Office is responsible for planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating, a comprehensive institutional diversity program and university-wide multi-faceted human relations and diversity initiatives to support the University's commitment to diversity, inclusiveness and equal opportunity.
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Where can I find out about available diversity and/or equal opportunity workshops offered by DIEO?
You may access workshop information at the Talent Management website or call (813) 974-3090.
You may contact the Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunity office at (813) 974-4373.

What paperwork do I need to submit with the hiring report?
In the bottom portion of the Hiring Report form it lists the following documents to be submitted with the hiring report; (1) membership of search committee, if one is used; (2) Affirmative Action Data Summary Form; (3) a copy of the recruiting worksheet, (4) a copy of the top three candidates resume or application, and (5) copies of all advertisements.
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When should a waiver be used?
The Recruitment and Selection Guidelines for both USPS and A&P, and Faculty list when a waiver should be used.
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What publications does Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunity use for advertisement?
DIEO places display ads in Black Issues in Higher Education, Women In Higher Education, and Hispanic Outlook for A&P positions of Director and above, and faculty positions. These display ads consist of the title of the position, the discipline and deadline date, it does not include the qualifications for the position. However, USF job vacancy website is included in the display ad.

How does Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunity get the job vacancy of positions?
DIEO goes to Human Resources job vacancy website to retrieve the vacancy of positions.

What are the duties of an Equal Opportunity Liaison (EOL)?
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How do I become an EOL?
An EOL is appointed by the Dean or Director in the department.

Should an EOL serve on a search committee?
It depends on the position of the EOL if they should serve on the search committee. If the EOL is the hiring authority, he or she should not receive the applicant data form of the applicants. This responsibility should be assigned to someone else in the department. The information from the applicant data form is not to be reviewed by the search committee.

Does Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunity provide reasonable accommodations for employees who have a disability?
No, DIEO does not provide reasonable accommodations for employees. However, DIEO provide interpreting services for public events, notification must be submitted at least five days prior to the event. And, DIEO provides classroom accommodation as it pertains to furniture for students. An employee who needs a reasonable accommodation should talk with his or her supervisor and contact Human Resources

I am a student and need an accommodation for a disability. Who do I contact?
Contact Student Disabilities Services at (813) 974-4309.
Visit the Student Disabilities Services Website

I am a faculty member and a student has given me a request for accommodation. What are my responsibilities?
Visit the Student Disabilities Services Website

Who should I contact in Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunity if I have further questions?
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