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Diversity and Inclusion at USFSP

We work collaboratively to create a climate and sense of community that is safe, affirming, and inviting for all in the university and St. Petersburg community.

Office of Multicultural Affairs

We seek to create and promote a diverse and inclusive campus environment. The office provides diversity programming, activities and workshops with a goal to function as a resource for students, faculty, staff and the community.

USFSP Disability Services

The mission of Student Disability Services is to create and maintain an environment at the university that is supportive to students with special needs and will grant academic accommodations to students with documented disabilities, providing them with an equal chance of academic success. USF St. Petersburg is an exciting, welcoming and supporting environment where students with disabilities are recognized and valued. Faculty and staff work hard so students with disabilities can take part in all aspects of university life to the greatest extent possible. Our campus is naturally suited to meet the needs of people with disabilities, while serving as a beautiful backdrop for a community where all students can learn and meet others.