Articulation Agreements

Articulation Agreements

 Types of Agreements:


  • Public School District Agreements cover all public high school students in the district to include public charter schools. Counselors DO NOT submit a request. District does.
  • Independent Charter School Agreements cover the students attending that charter school. 
  • Private School Agreements (Registered in the State of Florida) cover the students attending that private school. Signed by the head of school or principal.
  • Homeschool Agreements cover individual students who are homeschooled by a parent homeschool administrator. Signed by the homeschool administrator.

The process for establishing articulation agreement(s) with USF is an easy process, select one or both agreements below and USF will process the request.

USF does not offer dual enrollment credit in the summer semester.


Before you begin, find your city and find your high school code here:

DUAL ENROLLMENT ONLY (For students Grades 6-12 who will take college courses that fulfil graduation requirements and gain college credit at the same time.

      Click Here to Request an Articulation Agreement for Dual Enrollment

This is for students taking college level courses for credit that also satisfy their high school graduation requirements who apply as non-degree seeking part time students. The courses that they take as dual enrolled will be applied to their college transcripts when they apply to college. Students can take dual enrolled courses in grades 9-12 and then apply for Early Admissions below once they have completed most of their high school credits and are starting grade 12. 

EARLY ADMISSION ONLY (For High School Juniors that attend USF full time in their Senior Year and fulfil High School Graduation Requirements while earning college credit).

    Click Here to Request an Articulation Agreement for Early Admissions

This requires students to score a 1300 on the SAT or a 29 on the ACT. Students apply in their junior year of high school by March 1st to attend FULL time in their senior year of high school. It is an option for students that have finished up most of their high school graduation requirements and wish to enroll as a degree seeking student and start their university education program.  They will finish their remaining high school graduation requirements and take dual enrolled courses for University credit that apply to their major. Once they are admitted by USF as an early admission student and attend full time in their senior year of high school, they will not have to re-apply to USF to continue, it is automatic. 

The Deadline for requesting a full-year articulation agreement for Public School Districts and Public Charter Schools seeking dual enrollment is May 15th, prior to the fall implementation. This is to ensure that all documents are signed and uploaded by August 1 of each year. 

Private schools, homeschool Administrators (parents), and Independent Charter Schools may request articulation agreements as an on-going process.  Processing deadline for Fall (August) and Spring Courses is May 15th.  Processing deadline for Spring Courses (January) is November 1st. The deadlines ensure that students can make their online application deadlines. 

Note: Articulation agreements for either Dual Enrollment or Early Admission are valid for one year-beginning on July 1st, always ending on June 30th—enabling students to apply for fall and/or spring semesters. 

Early admission enrollment must be for both fall and spring semesters (full time 12-15 credits per semester), and follows the fall admission timeline under important dates.  

                    USF does not offer dual enrollment credit in the summer semester.