Student Organizations

Alliance of Health and Fitness Professionals

The Alliance of Health and Fitness Professionals (AHFP) is an official USF student organization designed to provide exercise science majors with a variety of professional development and leadership experiences. Activities include preparing for certifications in the field, attending professional conferences, participating in volunteer community projects and programs, and coordinating many local educational and social events.

Association of Physical Ed. College Students

The Association of Physical Education College Students (APECS) is open to all students enrolled in the K-12 Physical Education Program. Social and professional meetings are conducted throughout the year. Professional service to the community is also provided by the association.

Graduate Student Council

The Graduate Student Council's mission is to enrich the graduate student experience through fostering college-wide collaboration, promoting excellence in educational research, teaching and student advocacy.

Honor Societies

Join an Honor Society. Pi Lambda Theta (PLT) is one of the most prestigious education honor societies. PLT is part of the PDK International family of education associations. Kappa Delta Pi (KDP) is an international honor society in Education, and the Lambda Tau chapter has been on the USF campus for over 44 years. Omicron Tau Theta is an honorary professional graduate society in career and technical education.

Living-Learning Community (eduCARE)

Students interested in the College of Education upon admission have the opportunity to live on-campus in a living learning community (LLC): a theme-based, academically centered residence hall. As a member of eduCARE, the College of Education's living learning community, students will have the opportunity to live amongst peers who share an appreciation for education. Students in eduCARE will enjoy academic support, guided career exploration.


The SunCoast Area Teacher Training & Education Research (SCATTER) Honors Program is an award-winning teacher training program designed to enhance the outstanding teacher preparation programs offered within the USF College of Education. Its mission is to enhance the teaching profession by establishing high performance expectations for all members and offering research-based learning experiences that support exceptional instruction.

Student Council for Exceptional Children

The Student Council for Exceptional Children [SCEC] is an organization open to students from across the university who appreciate the diversity present in our schools and society and are interested in the education of children and young adults with exceptionalities. Activities of the USF Chapter include a variety of service projects, as well as support of the College of Education Children's Festival, Special Olympics, and field trips.

USF Transfer Student Organization

We intend to help guide transfer students in any area that deals with their transfer stage and continue to be a resource throughout their time at the University of South Florida. We will focus on professional, social, and community service aspects and act as a gateway for transfer students to get involved around campus, and become more active in the community.