Cognates in Measurement, Educational Statistics and Evaluation

Thinking of doing a Cognate in Measurement, Educational Statistics, or Evaluation?

The cognates offered in Measurement and Research can be tailored to meet the specific needs and interests of doctoral students within and outside the College of Education. Listed below are suggested courses for specific areas of emphases.


The cognate in Measurement provides a foundation in Classical Test Theory (CTT) and Item Response Theory (IRT). Coursework is designed to prepare students to: (a) develop their own instruments (paper-and-pencil and computer-based) and evaluate the psychometric properties of the scores derived from these instruments; (b) understand the design and implementation of local, state, national, and international large-scale tests; and (c) apply measurement theory to address measurement issues such as bias, test accommodations, cross-cultural adaptation of tests, equating, and standard setting. 

The four courses in the Measurement cognate with recommended sequence are:

Course Hours Title
EDF 7437      3 Advanced Measurement I
EDF 7438 4 Advanced Measurement II
EDF 7439 3 Foundations of Item Response Theory
EDF 7469 3 Introduction to Computer-Based Testing


Educational Statistics

The cognate in Educational Statistics provides a foundation in applied multivariate statistics. Coursework is designed to prepare students to: (a) develop appropriate multivariate analysis strategies for given research problems; (b) screen data and conduct multivariate analyses using statistical software; and (c) interpret the results of multivariate analyses in reference to the research problem. 

The four courses in the Educational Statistics cognate with recommended sequence are: 

Course Hours Title
EDF 7412 3 Application of Structural Equation Modeling in Education 
EDF 7484 4 Statistical Analysis for Educational Research III
EDF 7488 2 Problems in Educational Data Analysis
EDG 7474 3 Applied Multilevel Modeling in Education



The cognate in Evaluation provides a foundation in program, product, personnel, and systems evaluation.  Coursework is designed to prepare students to conceptualize, design, and implement theoretically grounded evaluation methods.

The four courses in the Evaluation cognate with recommended sequence are: 

Course Hours Title
EDF 7485 3 Theory and Practice of Program Evaluation
EDF 7940 3 Supervised Practicum in Applied Evaluation
EDF 7491 3 Consulting and Project Management Skills for Evaluators
EDF 7462 4 Metaevaluation