Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)


The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Measurement and Evaluation (DME) focuses on the development of systematic inquiry skills essential to the study and evaluation of educational processes and outcomes. The intent of the program is to develop professionals to work in universities and colleges, school districts, government agencies, commercial test publishing companies, and program evaluation and research organizations. 

The doctoral program emphasizes research that focuses on inquiry methodology and applied problems in education and the social sciences. The program of studies requires a minimum of 71 hours of coursework beyond the master’s degree. The core program has four curricular strands: (a) measurement including both Item Response Theory and Classical Test Theory (7 hours), (b) statistics (8 hours), (c) evaluation (6 hours), and (d) research design including quantitative, qualitative, and mixed designs (7 hours). Students select an additional 12 hours as part of their specialization to focus their studies further within measurement, statistics, evaluation, or research design.

The program also includes a core course in the Philosophies of Inquiry, 9 hours in Education, a Qualifying Exam and the dissertation (18 hours).  A supervised practicum provides opportunities to apply methods of systematic inquiry in various settings.

In sum, methodological skills are developed within a programmatic context that encourages growth of knowledge about education, considers important principles of ethics in research and evaluation, and provides applied settings in which these elements can be fused into professional applications.  Students participate actively in research, with explicit goals for presentation of their research in refereed conferences and journals.  Part of faculty load is used to support students’ research.

Program of Study

Ph.D. Qualifying Exam

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