Education Specialist (Ed.S.)


Education Specialist (Ed. S.) in Curriculum and Instruction, with an Emphasis in Measurement and Evaluation (SME) 

The Ed. S. program prepares specialists for work in school districts, government agencies, commercial test development companies, and research and evaluation enterprises. 

This program requires 36 hours of coursework beyond the Master's Degree. The program is individually planned with an advisor to include coursework in systematic planning, test development, applied evaluation, research design, and statistical analysis. Nine (9) of the 36 hours are to be taken as thesis hours. A comprehensive examination and oral defense of the thesis/thesis project are required.

Courses at the 5000 level are not appropriate for this degree program; in the 27 hours of specialization coursework, a minimum of 15 hours should be at the 7000 level.

Program of Study