Doctor of Philosophy Concentration

Research Opportunities

Graduate Assistantships

The College of Education offers graduate assistantships (GA's) on a competitive basis. The number of GA positions that are available in a given College or Department is based on funding from the university as well as grants awarded to individual faculty.

Graduate assistants are employed by the university to teach, conduct research or carry out other relevant tasks that contribute to the student’s professional development. Assistantships for the fall semester are usually assigned during the spring semester.

To learn more about graduate assistantships, visit the USF Office of Graduate Studies website.

Conference Travel

The College of Education provides travel support for qualified students to attend conferences where they are accepted to present academic work. Travel support requires proper documentation and departmental/university approval prior to conference travel.

Contact the Elementary Education Program Coordinator for more information.


Our faculty collaborate with students to engage in research that answers important questions about the field. Our faculty are committed to seeking ways to improve teaching in PreK-12 schools and in higher education, to supporting lifelong literacy learning, and to integrating their disciplines with research-based pedagogy.

Faculty help students understand the research process from conception, to design, to collection, to analysis, and to dissemination. Our faculty also invite students to participate in research projects, and some projects provide paid stipends while others are offered on a volunteer basis.