Bachelor of Science

Academic Learning Compact

Major: English Education
Degree Designation: Bachelor of Science

Identification of Core Student Learning Outcomes 

Graduates of this program should be able to do the following:

Content/Discipline Skills:

  • Understand language development
  • Demonstrate written discourse
  • Respond to and interpret literature
  • Demonstrate knowledge of print and non-print media
  • Assess student learning
  • Provide instruction in oral, written and visual languages
  • Provide instruction in reading, literature and non-print media

Critical Thinking Skills:

  • Critically examine literary texts for use with adolescents
  • Provide written reflection about classroom discourse
  • Critically examine print and non-print media for use with middle and high school students
  • Critically examine the nature of classroom contexts in different social and cultural environments

Communication Skills:

  • Read expository and narrative texts and interpret for meaning
  • Write for a variety of audiences using multiple genres
  • Model effective oral communication strategies in teaching
  • Participate in an active viewing and listening community

Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes

Through a variety of mechanisms including core task assessments, examinations, internships, portfolio evaluations, capstone experiences and assignments, English Education program faculty will measure students’ achievement of the identified core learning outcomes. The results of the assessments will be used to improve student achievement and program effectiveness.