Bachelor of Science


English Education Undergraduate Courses
Course Description and Prerequisites Credit Hours
EDG 4909: Directed Studies Description: To extend competency in teaching field.
Prerequisites: Senior standing. Offered only as a scheduled class. Department permit required.
LAE 4323: Methods of Teaching English - Middle School Description: Whole language methods of integrating reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing, and critical thinking activities into a literature-based program for secondary school students. Must be taken one or two semesters prior to internship. Recommended to be taken with RED 4335: Teaching Secondary Reading. 3
LAE 4335: Methods of Teaching English in High School  Description: Methods of teaching writing for different audiences, purposes, genres, and media using process-based approaches. Recommended to be taken with LAE 4530: Practicum. Must be taken one semester prior to internship concurrently with LAE 4530. 
Prerequisites: LAE 4464
LAE 4464: Adolescent Literature for Middle and Secondary Students Description: A study of the types of literature read by adolescents with an emphasis upon the criteria for the choice of good books and knowledge of available books and teaching materials. Recommended to be taken with LAE 4323 two semesters prior to internship.
Prerequisites: English Education majors or CI.
LAE 4469: Teaching World Literature to Middle and Secondary Students Description: World literature encompasses more than Western European literature. This course is designed to emphasize, but is not limited to, the study of Eastern literature. This course fulfills the world literature course requirement for teacher certification in English. 3
LAE 4530: Methods of Teaching English Practicum Description: This course provides students an opportunity to demonstrate their ability to plan, deliver instruction, and reflect upon the effectiveness of their teaching in secondary school English/Language Arts classrooms. 
Senior standing or enrollment in Plan II Master's Program. Corequisites: LAE 4323 or LAE 4335. Taken one semester, spring or fall, prior to internship.
LAE 4936: Senior Seminar in English Education Description: Synthesis of teacher candidate's courses in complete college program.
Senior standing. Required concurrently with internship. 
LAE 4940: Internship in English Education Description: For S/U grade only. One full semester of internship in a public or private school. Intern takes Senior Seminar in English Education concurrently. In special programs where the intern experience is distributed over two or more semesters, student will be registered for credit which accumulates from 9 to 12 semester hours.  1-12