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College Student Affairs (CSA) Admissions Deadline

View the priority admissions application deadline for our program here

What happens once I submit all of my application materials?

Once the application is complete and it has been determined that applicants meet the academic and programmatic standards, you will be invited to attend the program’s Open House in the spring semester. 

At Open House, applicants will learn more about the program, meet faculty and representatives from Student Success, and interview for graduate assistantships (if applying for full-time status). Open House is a day and a half event, usually held on all day on a Friday and then following Saturday morning in February.

Applicants for part-time status are also welcome and encouraged to attend to the morning events of the two days, as well as a reception at the end of the first day of Open House.

How do I obtain a Graduate Assistantship?

If you receive an invitation to Open House, we strongly encourage you to attend, as we hold a GA job fair during the first day (usually a Friday) of the event. If you cannot attend, you are still eligible to conduct phone interviews with departments partnering with CSA, up to the beginning of Open House. At the end of interviewing, you submit a ranking form to the CSA program, and the employers submit their rankings to the CSA program. A committee of faculty and Student Success representatives then match candidates with departments. Candidates have until April 15th to respond to the offer.

Can I be accepted if any of my application material is missing?

All students must have completed applications in order to determine admissibility.

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