College Student Affairs

Student Resources

A collection of important resources for students in the Master of Education in College Student Affairs program.

Graduate Assistantships

A Graduate Assistantship is a part-time student affairs work experience. Because our CSA Curriculum and Instruction M.Ed program is primarily focused on student affairs practice, each CSA applicant should secure a graduate assistantship or be a full-time employee in a student affairs related field to be fully admitted to the program. Please visit our Graduate Assistantship page to view a list of former assistantship areas.

Financial Aid

Financial assistance is available through the Graduate School, College of Education, Office of Financial Aid and other external sources. Please research these programs for additional information.

USF Graduate School

GRE Test Information

Please see our Admission Requirements page for GRE minimum score requirements.

Practicum Information

View a list of institutions for the Practicum experience.

Tuition Waivers

Students who are accepted into the CSA program as full-time students are eligible for tuition waivers. However, students are responsible for paying all student related fees.