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Open House

The College Student Affairs (CSA) Annual Open House

The CSA Open House is an opportunity for applicants to visit the University of South Florida, learn more about our program, and to complete an interview for graduate assistantship opportunities. Applicants will be invited to attend the Open House after their academic credentials have been reviewed.

Schedule at a glance

Day 1
The first day of the Open House is designed to provide a basic overview of the program. Students are given the opportunity to meet the CSA faculty, learn about their teaching philosophy, and interact with assistantship supervisors, current students, and other prospective students throughout the day. In addition, applicants will be able to interview for a graduate assistantship position during the Open House. These assistantship interviews are scheduled by the respective departments prior to the Open House. 

Day 2
On the second day of the Open House, candidates interact with current CSA students through a panel discussion, participate in a campus tour, and learn more about our program's culture.

Directions to the USF Tampa Campus

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