Faculty & Staff


Nicholas Albergo

Nicholas Albergo, PE, DEE, MSCE

Professor of Practice - Environmental 

Office: ENC 3215 | Email | 813-974-2275

Catherine Alfredo

Dr. Katherine Alfredo, PE

Assistant Professor - Environmental

Office: ENC 3212 | Email | Phone: 813-974-9612

Research areas

Drinking water quality and treatment, sustainable potable water provisions, US and international water quality regulation, community support of drinking water technology and utilities

Christopher Alexander

Dr. Christopher L. Alexander

Assistant Professor - Structures and Materials

Office: ENC 3208 | Email | Phone: 813-974-1137 | Website

Research areas

Corrosion diagnosis and control, Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, Multi-physics modeling

Mauricio Arias

Dr. Mauricio E. Arias, PE

Associate Professor - Water Resources

Office: ENC 3216 | Email | 813-974-5593 | Website

Research areas

Water resources sustainability; Ecological Engineering; Watershed Hydrology; Water Quality Modeling; Wetland Ecohydrology, Environmental Flows.

Jeff Cunningham

Dr. Jeffrey A. Cunningham

Professor - Environmental

Office: ENC 3215 | Email | 813-974-9540 | Website

Research areas

Contaminant fate/transport, Physical, chemical, & biological processes for water treatment/water quality control, Water resources & water reuse, Groundwater remediation, Geologic sequestration of carbon dioxide

Sarina Ergas

Dr. Sarina J. Ergas, PE

Professor - Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator - Environmental

Office: ENC 3210 | Email | 813-974-1119 | Website

Research areas

Biological treatment processes, Nutrient recovery, Water reuse, Low impact development technologies, Sustainable algal biofuel systems

Manjriker Gunaratne

Dr. Manjriker Gunaratne, PE

Professor and Department Chair - Geotechnical 

Office: ENC 3303 | Email | 813-974-5818

Research areas

Modeling of soil and pavement material behavior, modeling of uncertainty in geotechnical systems using probability methods, fuzzy sets and neural networks, application of numerical techniques to pavement design and management, application of digital imaging and satellite technology to solve geotechnical and pavement engineering problems. 

Zachary Haber

Dr. Zachary B. Haber, PE

Assistant Professor - Structures and Materials

Office: ENG 041 | Email | Website

Research areas

Ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC), Reinforced and Pre-stressed Concrete Structures, Bridge Engineering, Strengthening and Preservation of Structures, Sustainable and Advanced Materials

Stanley Kranc

Dr. Stanley C. Kranc, PE

Structures and Materials Professor Emeritus

Office: ENG 303 | Email | 813-974-5821

Research areas

Fluid mechanics/heat transfer, Numerical analysis/modeling, Philosophy/history of Technology

Pei-Sung Lin

Dr. Pei-Sung Lin, P.E., PTOE, FITE

Program Director, ITS, Traffic Operations and Safety, Center for Urban Transportation Research

Office: CUTR 125 | Email | 813-974-4910

Research areas

ITS, Traffic operations, Safety

Qing Lu

Dr. Qing Lu

Associate Professor - Transportation

Office: ENC 3209 | Email | 813-974-5822 | Website

Research areas

Pavement engineering, Asphalt mix design, Pavement management system, Transportation infrastructure management, Steel bridge deck surfacing

Fred Mannering

Dr. Fred L. Mannering

Professor and Executive Director, Center for Urban Transportation Research – Transportation

Office: ENC 3506 | Email | 813-974-5817 | Website

Research areas

Statistical & econometric methods, Highway safety, Transportation economics, Automobile demand, Travel behavior.

Michael Maness

Dr. Michael Maness

Assistant Professor - Transportation

Office: CUTR 233 | Email | 813-974-6144 | Website

Research areas

Travel Behavior, Travel Demand Forecasting, Choice Modeling, Modeling Social Interactions, Emerging Transportation Technologies, Sustainable Transportation, Travel Survey Methods.

James Mihelcic

Dr. James R. Mihelcic, BCEEM

Environmental | Samuel L. and Julia M. Flom Endowed Professor | Director, National Center for Reinventing Aging Infrastructure for Nutrient Management

Office: ENC 3508 | Email | 813-974-9896 | Website

Research areas

Sustainability, Impact of anthropogenic stressors on water resources, Water supply, Water reuse, Nutrient management, Water/ sanitation/ hygiene (WASH) in the developing world, Engineering education.

gray mullins DO NOT DELETE

Dr. Gray Mullins, PE

Professor - Structures and Materials

Office: ENG 42 | Email | 813-974-5845 | Website

Research areas

Foundation load testing, foundation rehabilitation, structural/ geotechnical instrumentation, quality assurance of drilled shafts, post grouted drilled dhaft design/ construction 

Mahmood Nachabe

Dr. Mahmood Nachabe, PE

Professor - Water Resources

Office: ENG 320 | Email  | 813-974-5837 | CV

Research areas

Hydraulics & water supply systems, Soil & ecosystem hydrology, Flow & contaminant transport in porous media, Stochastic hydrology

Karim Nohra

Karim Nohra

Associate Instructor, Undergraduate advisor - Engineering Education 

Office: ENC 3301 | Email | 813-974-5594

Research areas

Statics, Dynamics, Mechanics of Materials, Engineering Education

Mark Ross

Dr. Mark Ross, PE

Professor - Water Resources 

Office: ENG 307 | Email | 813-974-5838 | CV

Research areas

Water resources, Hydraulic & water quality modeling, GIS in Hydrology, Development of lake & estuary water quality management models & estuary sediment dynamics

Daniel Simkins

Dr. Daniel Simkins

Associate Professor - Structures and Materials

Office: ENC 3206 | Email | 813-974-4174 | Website 

Research areas

Computational mechanics, Numerical analysis, Composite materials, Computational engineering

Michael Stokes

Dr. Michael J. Stokes, PE

Associate Professor of Instruction - Structures and Materials

Office: ENG 43 | Email | 813-974-8244

Research areas

Foundation load testing, Non-destructive foundation integrity testing, FRP (fiber-reinforced polymer) repair of corroding piles, Engineering education.

Amy Stuart

Dr. Amy Stuart

Professor - Environmental

Office: CPH 1117 | Email | 813-974-6632 | Website 

Research areas

Air pollution, Atmospheric chemistry, Environmental computational modeling, Urban design & human exposure to transportation emissions

Andres Martínez

Dr. Andrés E. Tejada-Martínez

Professor - Water Resources

Office: ENC 3207 | Email | 813-974-1738  | Website

Research areas

Numerical simulations of turbulent flows; vertical turbulent mixing in the upper ocean and coastal shelves; mixing/hydraulic efficiency of water and wastewater treatment systems; finite element, finite difference and spectral methods for fluids; parallel computing.  

Maya Trotz

Dr. Maya A. Trotz

Professor | Faculty Fellow at Kiran C. Patel Center for Global Solutions - Environmental

Office: ENC 3502 | Email | 813-974-3172 | Website 

Research areas

Sustainability, Water quality, Ecotourism & small scale mining impacts on sustainable livelihoods, Climate change, Environmental engineering education in formal & informal settings in the US and in developing countries

Daniel Yeh

Dr. Daniel H. Yeh, PE, LEED AP

Professor - Environmental

Office: ENC 3213  |  Email  |  813-974-4746  | Website

Research areas

Water purification, wastewater resource recovery and life support in challenging, off-grid and remote environments; Autonomous, self-powered water machines; Anaerobic and phototrophic membrane bioreactors; Food-to-food (F2F) Biorecycling; Innovations at water-energy-food nexus.

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Dr. Abla Zayed

Professor - Structures and Materials

Office: ENG 221 | Email | 813-974-5823

Research areas

Cementitious systems, Construction materials durability

Quiong Zhang

Dr. Qiong Zhang

Professor - Environmental

Office: ENC 3214 | Email | 813-974-6448 | Website

Research areas

Green engineering, Sustainability, Life cycle assessment, Water-energy nexus, coupled nature-human system modeling, Environmental fate & transport modeling, Water supply & treatment, Engineering education

Yu Zhang

Dr. Yu Zhang

Professor - Transportation

Office: ENC3211/CUT220|Email |813-974-5846 |Website 

Program Director - CUTR Advanced Air Mobility

Research areas

Multimodal transportation systems modeling & analysis, Air traffic management & Airport operation and management & Advanced Air Mobility, Sustainable transportation, Transportation Resilience

Hao Zhou

Dr. Hao Zhou

Assistant Professor - Transportation 

Office: CUTR 231 | Email | Website 

Research areas

Traffic flow theory, Network Science, Self-driving design and experiments, Deep Reinforcement Learning. 

William Carpenter

Dr. William Carpenter

Professor Emeritus - Structures and Materials 


Rajan Sen

Dr. Rajan Sen, PE, FACI, FASCE

Professor Emeritus and Jefferson Science Fellow - Structures and Materials

Office: ENG 41 | Email | 813-974-5820

Research areas

Structural engineering including design of bridges, Dynamic response of structures, Dynamic behavior of piles, Pre-stress concrete

Alberto Sagues

Dr. Alberto Sagüés, PE, FNACE

Emeritus Distinguished University Professor - Structures and Materials

Office: ENL 112 | Email | 813-974-5819 | Website 

Research areas

Materials engineering, Corrosion performance of materials for construction & energy applications, Failure analysis & prevention, Physical metallurgy