Welcome to the Graduate Program in Civil and Environmental Engineering at USF. USF is an exciting and rewarding place to study at the graduate level. Our Department has a strong commitment to the education of future scholars, researchers and leaders in the Civil and Environmental Engineering professions. 

Our department offers doctoral degrees as well as thesis and non-thesis options at the master's level.  We offer a few areas of specialization within the department to help our students refine their knowledge and skill in their areas of interest.  We have approximately 200 graduate students, 80 of which are working on a doctoral degree.

You will find our faculty members energetic and working on cutting edge research that they incorporate into the classroom.  Our faculty members maintain solid funding bases for research through grants from a number of agencies including the Florida Department of Transportation, Southwest Florida Water Management District, U.S. Department of Education, National Science Foundation, Environmental Protection Agency, and Department of Energy. 

Our graduate students are also involved in research through the Center for Modeling Hydrologic & Aquatic Systems, the Clean Energy Research Center, and the Center for Urban Transportation Research.  Our close ties to the graduate programs in Global Public Health and the School of Global Sustainability as well as our Peace Corps Master's International Program will provide you opportunities to incorporate global issues into solutions for the world's many civil and environmental engineering problems.

Please feel free to contact us via email if you have any questions about the graduate program in Civil & Environmental Engineering at USF.