Graduation Requirements

You are getting ready to graduate. Congratulations on your incredible achievement. Find out what to do next by reading this page. USF graduation deadlines.

Applying for Graduation

The graduation application form is available in OASIS under the Student Menu. Simply click on the link that says "Apply for Graduation" and follow the quick instructions.

Check student record via OASIS/BANNER (see steps below) to ensure you are in the correct program:

  1. Go to OASIS.
  2. Click "student tab" at the top of the page
  3. Click "Student Records"
  4. Click "View Student Information" 

If you check your student record, and it is NOT correct, please upload your Change of Program or Change of Concentration Form to the Canvas (CEE Graduate Students) "Assignments" tab and send an email to let the department know you uploaded a form.

Next, you must complete the following forms and also upload them to Canvas:

  1. Graduation Checklist 
  2. The appropriate Program of Study form for your degree.
  3. Civil & Environmental Engineering Exit Interview.

Non-Thesis Masters students

All Master's students graduating with an MSCE or MSEV degree (non-thesis track) must submit a portfolio to the Graduate Committee member of the student's area of study for review. The Assessment Instrument must be completed and brought to their portfolio review. 

See below for Portfolio Review Information:

1)       Prepare a writing sample for your portfolio.  This should be between 3-5 double spaced pages in 12 point font with 1 inch margins.  The writing sample may be drawn from a report or paper that you submitted for a class or other professional writing but it must be individually authored.  Please be sure to review the assessment criteria described in the assessment instrument (above) and update your writing sample accordingly. 

2)       Upload a report to Canvas: This may be a team project but it must show the solution of a complex problem that meets the assessment criteria described in the attached assessment instrument (background, methods, findings and conclusions). You will receive an email once the Canvas site is created.

3)        Prepare a 15-minute oral presentation (with slides) on the project you submitted for item #2.  Be sure to include information on the background, methodology, major findings and conclusions. 

4)       Prepare for your oral comprehensive exam.  You will be required to sign up for a time slot (30 mins.) to give your presentation.  During the exam, CEE faculty members will ask you to describe your role in the project (if it was a group project) and to answer questions about problem addressed, methodology used and to defend your findings and conclusions. 

Please note: Once you apply for graduation via OASIS, you will be notified by our Graduate Academic Program Specialist with further instructions regarding your portfolio review session.

Thesis and Dissertation

For information on the format process, format deadlines, requirements, time-saving formatting tips, see the College of Engineering Thesis/Dissertation Format Guide.

(1) After your committee form is submitted via Canvas and approved by the College of Engineering, you will need to reach out to the graduate Academic Program Specialist regarding your next steps to defend.  Students are responsible for contacting their committee members to arrange for a 2-3-hour block of time when everyone on the committee is available for their defense.  Once the time is arranged, you need to fill out and submit the template announcement form with your thesis/dissertation title, committee member, and date and time.  This must be submitted to the graduate Academic Program Specialist 2-weeks prior to your defense date for PhD students and 1-week prior to your defense date for MS students.  USF requires that all thesis and dissertation defenses be announced publicly.        

(2) On the day that you defend your thesis/dissertation, the committee signs the “Successful Defense Form”.  The student should submit this form directly to Catherine Burton via email at 

(3) On the day that you defend your thesis/dissertation, the committee members each individually fills out the “Assessment Rubric”.  Your major professor will collect the rubrics and submit them to the department. 

(4) After the thesis/dissertation is revised and finalized, the committee signs “Certificate of Approval” form saying that the final written document is acceptable. This will need to be submitted to Catherine Burton at

(5) Your major professor must perform a plagiarism check on the final thesis/dissertation using turnitin.  The turnitin report is submitted along with the fully signed “Certificate of Approval” form by email to Ms. Catherine Burton (sburton) in the College of Engineering.   


College of Engineering
The College of Engineering conducts Induction to the Profession Ceremonies in the spring and fall. Students who've applied for graduation and who've not been previously inducted will receive an email inviting them to participate in the Induction ceremony..

For university commencement ceremony information and registration please visit USF Commencement for more information.