Faculty & Staff

Postdoctoral Research Scholars

Robert Bair

Dr. Robert Alonso Bair
Environmental Engineering
Research Areas: Decentralized wastewater treatment systems, anaerobic membrane bioreactors, off-grid renewable engergy applications, and resource recovery.
rbair@mail.usf.edu | LinkedIn Profile


Dr. Cynthia Castro
Environmental Engineering



nancy diaz elsayed

Dr. Nancy Diaz-Elsayed
Research Areas: Sustainable resource recovery (water, energy, and nutrients) from wastewater, process and system modeling, nutrient management, and life cycle assessment.
Office: IDR 107  | nancyd1@usf.edu  | LinkedIn Profile


hesham mraied

Dr. Hesham Mraied
Research areas: Corrosion performance of construction materials, Biomaterials, Tribocorrosion of engineering materials.
Office: ENL 200  | hesham@mail.usf.edu  |  813-974-8899  | Website


tingting zhao

Dr. Tingting (Tina) Zhao
Research Areas: Transportation System, Resilience Analysis, Interdependence Modeling and Simulation between Critical Infrastructures, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles 
tingtingzhao@mail.usf.edu  | LinkedIn profile