Research Projects




In the past year, CREATE Health has developed and deployed unobtrusive wireless sensor systems (HomeSense) in the homes of older adults, collecting data on their activities of daily living. These activities include a range of behaviors known to signal health changes or influence health outcomes such as sedentary lifestyle, medication and care plan compliance, sleep/wake patterns, daily routine, general health, nutrition, hygiene, social connection, and toileting. More...




The Villages Health Hospitalist Evaluation 


This project tracks hospitalized patients to identify differences in health outcomes for patients treated by a hospitalist from within the The Villages Health in comparison to other groups. Using data from hospitals and TVH records, the analysis compares aspects of patients' hospital treatment (i.e. length of stay, number of consultations), post-discharge health and identify trends in health care utilization before the patient was hospitalized. In partnership with The Villages Health, the research team began a prospective study to evaluate the TVH Hospitalist Program. In their uniquely designed Hospitalist Program, Villages Health Medicare Advantage patients are treated in hospital by TVH hospitalists (a TVH employed physician) in lieu of an external provider. Preliminary analysis indicate that participants participating in the TVH Hospitalist Program experience enhanced care quality, improved health outcomes and reduced costs. More...



Using Brain Network Activation (BNA) technology to Increase Understanding of Aging Brains


USF is partnering with The Villages Health and ElMindA to explore and expand the utility of ElMindA's BNA technology for aging populations. Reference data from more than a 1000 seniors will be collected and analyzed to evaluate, expand and refine the application of BNA technology for use with older adults and to lay the groundwork for an extended health outcomes study. More...