Department Admission Requirements

Admission to the IMSE department requires successful completion of the following nine USF courses (or equivalent) with a 2.4 combined GPA, based on the best attempt for all 9 courses:
• Engineering Calculus I, II, and III ( MAC 2281, 2282, & 2283)
• General Chemistry I for Engineers with lab (CHS 2440 and CHS 2440L)
• General Physics I and II (Calculus-based) with labs (PHY 2048, 2048L, 2049,& 2049L) 
 The minimum acceptable grade in any given course is a 'C'; grades of C- are insufficient.

Please see full admission and continuation requirements in the current USF Undergraduate Catalog.

Beginning in Fall 2018, the minimum combined GPA for these courses may be raised to 3.0 or better.

In addition, beginning in Fall 2016, new admits to the department will be required to have no less than a B in
EGN 3443 Probability and Statistics for Engineers.