Florida Bright Futures

Bright Futures - Questions and Answers

Who is eligible to receive funding?

The Florida Academic Scholars (FAS) and Florida Medallion Scholars (FMS) may receive funding at USF.

What if I don’t see my Bright Futures award in OASIS?

Log into your Bright Futures account with the State of Florida. In the ‘Application Status & Award History’ section, make sure USF is listed for the term and year you are enrolled. Also review your demographic information to make sure your name, date of birth and social security number are correct. Next, check your residency status in OASIS to make sure you are listed as a Florida Resident for tuition purposes. Finally, review your USF email to make sure no other information is needed.

How is the Bright Futures award amount calculated?

Bright Futures is awarded based on a per credit hour rate.

Will students be required to repay dropped/withdrawn courses?

Yes. Repayment obligations remain the same regardless of the term funded.

May transient students receive funding?

Yes. Degree-seeking students who attend another institution during the academic year may receive funding if their request is approved by the home institution. Florida Bright Futures scholars enrolled in a public post-secondary institution must submit a Transient Student Admission Application, which is located online at FloridaShines.

May graduate students receive funding?

Yes. Students who meet graduate funding requirements may receive their one semester of graduate study funding.

Will a Florida Academic Scholar receive the Academic Top Scholar award during the summer?

No. The appropriation only covers the cost of tuition and applicable fees.

May students enrolled less than half time (six credits) be funded?

Florida Bright Futures Scholars enrolled less than half time may only be funded if they are enrolled in the remaining courses to finish their degree. Students will need to submit the Bright Futures Scholarship: Less Than Half-time Graduating Seniors form in order to be considered for payment.

Will the summer term be used to evaluate renewal?

No. Renewal will be based on grade and hours submitted for the fall and spring terms on your institution's spring grade and hour report.

Will institutions report grade and hours information for students funded in the summer term?

Yes. Grade and hours information will be reported for all students funded during the summer. If a student has an opportunity to restore the Bright Futures award, the grades from the term may be used to meet restoration requirements.

May students receive other state aid during the summer term, in addition to Bright Futures?