Your Financial Aid Checklist

Is Your Financial Aid Ready To Pay?

Here are some things you need to check each semester to make sure your financial aid is ready.

1. Have you checked your USF email?

This is how we communicate with you. Check your USF email at least once a week!

2. Has your 2023-2024 FAFSA been received?

  1. Log into OASIS.
  2. Go to Financial Aid;
  3. Click on My Requirements, Bookstore Authorizations & Deferments;
  4. Select 2023-2024 Aid Year; and
  5. Review the "Satisfied Requirements" section.

Complete the 2024-2025 FAFSA.

3. Have you checked your unsatisfied requirements?

Check OASIS to make sure you don’t have any unsatisfied requirements and your enrollment status which may delay payment of your aid.

4. Have you accepted/completed the following?

5. Are you a Florida Bright Futures Recipient?

If you don’t see your Bright Futures award posted in OASIS, make sure your eligibility at USF is confirmed by logging into your State of Florida account.

6. Have you checked your Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) status?

Check your SAP (if you have aid other than scholarships) in OASIS to make sure you are eligible to receive your aid. Make sure you check your status again one week before the start of classes.

7. Are you meeting the enrollment requirements to receive your aid?

 Check our enrollment requirements page.

8. Do you have a Financial Aid Tuition Deferment?

Check OASIS to see if a financial aid Tuition Deferment extends your deadline to pay your bill.

9. When will your financial aid be paid?

Financial aid payments begin on the following dates.

10. Do you qualify for the Bookstore Purchase Advanced Program (BAPP)?

Check OASIS to see if you qualify for the BAPP.

11. Do you have a non-USF scholarship check?

Send scholarship checks that include your full name and USF ID to:
University of South Florida
USF Payments – Banner
PO Box 737442
Dallas, TX 75373-7442

12. Have you subscribed to e-Deposit?

Subscribe to eDeposit in OASIS. If you are eligible to receive a refund after payment of financial aid is made, you will receive it faster than a paper check by mail.

13. Have questions about your bill, third party payments or Florida Pre-Paid?

Contact the Student Accounting Services (SAS) office.