Got Questions?

General Information

What is the cost of attendance at USF?

 The Cost of Attendance varies depending on your living status and classification.

What are the enrollment requirements for Financial Aid?

Enrollment requirements differ based on whether you are classified as an undergraduate or graduate student.

What is Satisfactory Academic Progress for financial aid?

Federal regulations require all schools to have a Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) to qualify for federal aid.  This policy differs from other academic requirements.

When do I need to pay my bill and when will my financial aid funds pay my charges?

Tuition and fees are due on the 5th day of classes each semester. Financial aid is paid on the seventh day of classes after your enrollment is confirmed.

What is a tuition deferment?

A tuition deferment prevents cancellation of registration for non-payment of fees, and temporarily prevents assessment of late payment fees.

What is the BAPP (Bookstore Advance Purchase Program)?

The BAPP allows you to charge books and supplies at any USF campus bookstore using your financial aid before it is paid.

What if I drop some classes, totally withdraw, or stop attending all classes?

If your question is not listed, contact us.