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Tampa Summit 3 is the first Don't-Miss Event of 2024!

Keynote speakers scheduled: Former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, along with Commander of US Special Operations Command, General Bryan Fenton. Other featured speakers are Craig Martell, Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Officer, United States Department of Defense and Schuyler Moore, Chief Technical Officer of US Central Command. More being added to the lineup every day!

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Featured Story

Promo image for Israel Hamas Conflict Research Article

The Middle East may soon be embroiled in another regional war, triggered by the October 7, 2023 Hamas attack on Israel. That attack featured an unprecedented level of capability and sophistication. This research article explores operational considerations and strategies.

Featured Story

Strategic Competition in the Arctic: Sooner or Later?

Climate change is transforming the furthermost regions of the planet, including the Arctic Region. As the ice disappears, new opportunities appear, inevitably leading to strategic competition between nations. But will it be sooner? Or later?