GNSI Publications

GNSI Publications

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Journal of Strategic Security: a double-blind, peer-reviewed academic journal that's ranked in the Top 20 Military Journals by Google Scholar

Newsletter: GNSI will publish a  monthly newsletter for members who are interested in keeping up to date on the biggest news coming out of GNSI and USF. 

Summit Reports:  Specific to the GNSI Tampa Summit,  these in-depth reports provide an extensive examination of the speakers' remarks and presentations.

Conference Reports: Similar to Summit Reports, these Conference Reports will be prepared for all other events produced by the Global and National Security Institute.

Decision Briefs: Concise analysis of specific issues to provide decision-makers in the government, military or industry the ability to make informed policy decisions.

Research Articles: These articles will focus primarily on significant issues affecting global and national security and will follow our published guidelines for publication.






All maps depicted on this page and in any of the documents presented here are created using ArcGIS online software