Strategic Plan

Today’s national security environment is increasingly complex and covers whole-of-society problems such as extremism, chem/bio threats, climate change, disinformation, transnational crime, and cybercrime. The University of South Florida recognizes this trend and has identified global and national security as a strategic area of focus, with the intent to take full advantage of USF’s status as a Preeminent Research University and momentum as the fastest-rising public university in the United States over the last decade.

The Global and National Security Institute will lead this strategic effort at USF. GNSI is well-situated to leverage the existing academic excellence of the University of South Florida— itself located in a dynamic, growing metropolitan area — to create a hub of strategicdialogue and action unique to the State University System and the nation. We will build upon USF’s extensive R&D assets and deep relationship with USCENTCOM and USSOCOM at MacDill Air Force Base, as well as existing partnerships with the Florida Institute for Cyber Security and the Institute for Applied Engineering, to achieve prominence in global and national security activities. 

Pull Quote for GNSI Strategic Plan

To this end, GNSI will provide actionable solutions to 21st-century security challenges for decision-makers at the local, state, national, and global level, focused on the intersection of security policy and technology. It will also serve as the entry portal for USF’s broad cooperation with Department of Defense (DOD) and associated agencies. GNSI will connect regularly with leaders and experts from academia, government, and the private sector, and operate across three distinct Strategic Areas of Focus: 1) Science and Technology, 2) Human Dynamics and Social Behavior, and 3) Cybersecurity. 

The Strategic Plan provides a roadmap towards realizing the GNSI vision and the Strategic Areas of Focus, with a clearly defined implementation strategy comprised of Outreach and Engagement, Educational Programs, and Research and Support. The Strategic Plan will further articulate specific initiatives we will pursue to move this strategy forward. 

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