Cyberspace and its underlying infrastructure represent significant vulnerabilities in Cybersecurity and within the landscape of global and national security. Cyber vulnerabilities impact wide ranging infrastructure including industrial production, national energy resiliency, election integrity, mis- and dis-information distribution, health care systems, the financial sector, and many others.

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GNSI will coordinate and support OneUSF efforts in cyber research and innovation and integrate these efforts with programs within the Florida Center for Cybersecurity (“Cyber Florida”) in education, research, and outreach.

The partnership GNSI has with Cyber Florida will provide necessary cybersecurity expertise to integrate into global and national security dialogues to offer holistic solutions to policymakers. Conversely, GNSI will help synchronize Cyber Florida’s outreach with outside knowledge sources to enhance its cyber education of current organizations and future cybersecurity professionals. 

Cyber Florida leads a spectrum of initiatives to inspire and educate future and current professionals, support industry-advancing research, and assist stakeholders and organizations in better understand cyber threats and what they can do to stay safer in cyberspace.