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Join us for the next GNSI Policy Dialogues: The Iran Enigma- Navigating Strategy and Security. Partnering with the University of South Florida (USF) College of Arts and Sciences and the Center for Strategic & Diplomatic Studies, we’ll explore the complexities of Iran's regional policies, dissect the evolution of social movements, with a spotlight on the status of women, and delve into the nation's relations with the United States. Discover how these topics impact political instability and threaten both global and national security.

Our three discussion panels will feature experts from a variety of disciplines to address problems that have an impact around the globe:

PANEL 1 Beyond Tehran: Understanding Iran's Role in the Middle East
PANEL 2 Navigating Tensions: U.S./Iran Relations in the Nuclear Age
PANEL 3 Society in Flux: Exploring Iran’s Social Movements and Women's Rights







This is an attribution conference, meaning it will be live-streamed and recorded. Attribution for comments and content from this conference may be used by GNSI or any individual or organization for later distribution in the form of online postings, videos, printed materials, case studies, recaps and other reports.