Certificate Programs

certificate brochure

We offer several certificate programs that provide on-the-go learning when you need it. Upon completing each program, you will receive a digital badge, certificate and credit in your official employee training record (GEMS). Click here to access the booklet of details for each program or click the links below to access the program pages directly.

Please note: The certificate programs listed here are offered through HR's Learning & Talent Development team and were specifically designed to align with the needs of USF employees. Additional certificate programs are also available through Corporate Training and Professional Education (CTPE). These programs are available to general public for a fee, but have been discounted to little or no cost for USF employees through a partnership with the Employee Success Center. Click here to find additional topics available through our exclusive partnership with CTPE.

Click here if you already started a certificate program based on the old website.

We streamlined our format, but all of your courses still count! Instead of accessing individual courses through a webpage, you can now access all courses in one place on our new learning platform (USF Employee Learning).

  • Click the link provided below to jump to your certificate series on the new platform.
  • Once inside, click to enroll and begin in the course. You will only see one course for the whole certificate program as all of the LinkedIn Learning courses will be rolled up into that one course. You don't need to retake any courses that you've already completed; Just hang on to your LinkedIn Learning certificates.
  • As you move through the certificate program,  you'll be prompted to upload your LinkedIn Learning certificates as you go. (Note that this replaces the previous instructions of manually emailing certificates).
  • Once your certificates are uploaded and you have taken a final acknowledgement,  USF Employee Learning will process completion and issue your certificate and badge. Please allow at least one business day for your completion to appear in your official employee record (GEMS).

Click here for detailed instructions and screen shots of the new process. 

If you have questions or concerns, please email us attraining@usf.edu. We will be happy to assist you.


HR Business Partner training via HR Academy.  The HR Academy is a cohort program committed to nurturing employee potential, honing in on capabilities, and empowering employees to become the architects of positive change within the university. Through an immersive and interactive learning experience, HR Academy explores best practices and cutting-edge strategies in the realm of human resources. Topics cover core HR elements as well as customer service. There is additional content for first time leaders. Learn more in the HR Academy brochure.


Effective communication is a skill that can be learned, practiced and continuously improved. The courses in this series provide a mix of resources to help the participant deliver the intended message, give and respond to feedback, persuade others and communicate under different circumstances. Click here to learn more about this certificate program. Click here to access the effective communication series in USF Employee Learning.


This series contains two tracks from which to choose:

1) The track for supervisors focuses on what those in leadership positions can do to motivate and engage their employees. Click here to to access the employee motivation series for SUPERVISORS in USF Employee Learning.


2) The track for employees focuses on self-introspection and self-motivation in the work place. Click here to access the employee motivation series for EMPLOYEES in USF Employee Learning.


Problem solving involves a spectrum of processes, including generating ideas, evaluating, making decisions and implementing a solution. Often, we are only treating a symptom instead of addressing the core problem. For this reason, it is important to thoroughly investigate and think outside of the box. There are many useful techniques for investigating problems and exploring possible solutions. Click here to access the problem solving series in USF Employee Learning.


Effective conflict management is a critical skill set for success in the workplace and in life. When harnessed effectively, conflict can be a force that strengthens the work culture and builds stronger relationships. This certificate program is designed to increase your comfort level with conflict and to help you approach conflict from a more positive perspective. Click here to access the conflict management series in USF Employee Learning.

Leadership Programs That offer certificates and badges


Because success as a leader is often measured by external factors that can be quantified, the internal path is often overlooked. Starting with the self is essential for understanding how you will impact others, how you will persevere through challenges, and what purposes will define your decision making. Visit the Leadership program page to download the Leading the Self program brochure. Ready to get started? Click here to access Leading the Self in USF Employee Learning.


To lead others, you must be able to understand them. How can you tap into your team's mind to encourage out of the box thinking and creativity? This program will focus on learning about others to build a culture of belonging, engagement, innovation and motivation. Visit the Leadership program page to download the Influential Leadership program brochure. Ready to get started? Click here to access Influential Leadership in USF Employee Learning.


Organizational Intelligence (OQ) involves navigating complex systems while reducing uncertainty to drive the collective brainpower to achieve the mission. Visit the Leadership program page to download theOrganizational Intelligenceprogram brochure. Ready to get started? Click here to access Organizational Intelligence in USF Employee Learning.


Leadership Enrichment is an interactive, cohort-based program that provides USF mid-level leaders with the opportunity to examine themselves as leaders and to expand their self-awareness of effective leadership skills, styles and behaviors. The program requires participation in ten, two-hour live virtual sessions over a five-month period. There is a cost to this program, which includes a CliftonStrengths assessment, individual coaching sessions and internal networking opportunities. Enrollment in this program is by application available prior to each cohort. For questions about upcoming cohorts, email the HR Learning & Talent Development team: training@usf.edu.


Fundamentals of Supervision

Fundamentals of Supervision serves to develop basic leadership skills.  This program is being phased out to focus on refreshed topics. Individuals currently enrolled in Fundamentals of Supervision will need to complete this certificate by 5/1/2023. Click here for an information sheet and instructions pertaining to the phase-out. For questions, please email training@usf.edu.