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Live Webinars Through MS Teams

The HR-Learning & Talent Development team is offering live webinars through Microsoft Teams. These live webinars provide another avenue of training and development for USF employees who are working remotely as well as employees who are seeking a convenient, personable alternative to classroom training. Facilitated by HR Learning & Talent Development instructors, these sessions are free to USF employees, and focus on topics designed to inspire, challenge, and strengthen employees’ growth and development.

Check back often, as new topics will be added regularly. To enroll in any of the webinars, please use GEMS self-service to register. Navigate to Employee Self Service  > Learning & Development > Request Training Enrollment.

Upcoming Webinars
Topic Audience Summer/Fall 2022
Applied EQ - Emotional Intelligence at Work 

All Employees 6/23, 8/19, 9/8
Challenge of Change 

All Employees 6/30, 8/19, 9/8
Giving and Receiving Feedback

Supervisors/Managers 6/7, 7/12
Goal Planning 

All Employees 7/14, 8/12, 9/15
Performance Management 

Supervisors/Managers 7/15, 9/21, 11/15
Building  & Maintaining Trust in the Workplace

Supervisors/Managers 6/21, 7/19
Why Critical Thinking is Critical in the 21st Century Workplace  All Employees 7/20, 8/26, 9/22

 Live Webinar Topic Descriptions

Applied EQ - Emotional Intelligence at Work
Applied EQ: Emotional Intelligence at Work - Emotional intelligence is a general set of skills that can be applied to anyone and any environment. Understanding EQ and mastering the skills involving emotional intelligence will greatly help you succeed in any role. It can also help you to connect with your feelings, turn intention into action, and make informed decisions about what matters most to you.

The Challenge of Change
In this course, participants will learn about why we struggle with change despite our best intentions as well as a researched based technique for successfully accomplishing change in our complex and demanding world.

Giving & Receiving Feedback
This webinar is designed to assist managers and supervisors with giving feedback effectively and receiving feedback constructively to promote strong work relationships and encourage high performing teams.

Goal Planning
In order to optimize progress with the goals you set, it is important to align the goal with your personal interests and values and to have a specific plan to make your goal-directed behavior become habit. In this webinar you will learn best practices for putting your goals into action as well as explore hidden commitments that may be preventing you from accomplishing your goals.

Performance Management
This webinar introduces participants to processes and skills for managing, evaluating, and improving performance, and also covers information specific to USF.

Building & Maintaining Trust in the Workplace
This webinar is geared for managers and supervisors who are interested in reviewing and discussing research-based best practices for building trust on their teams.

Why Critical Thinking is Critical in the 21st Century Workplace
21st century workplaces are characterized by rapid change, accelerated technological breakthroughs, and a greater demand for higher levels of education and training required of previous generations. Developing critical thinking skills leads to higher levels of independence, self-trust, and the capacity to exercise initiative; all essential components for thriving in every level of a modern organization.

What to Expect

A few days before the webinar date, you’ll receive an email invitation with login information and instructions. Make sure to accept this invitation! When the time for your scheduled webinar arrives, click on the web link in the meeting on your Outlook or Teams calendar to access the webinar.

To participate in a webinar, you’ll need three things:

  • Computer with Microsoft Teams downloaded: Allows you to view the webinar presentation. Live Webinars can be accessed with both PCs and Macs.
  • Headphones or computer speakers: Allows you to hear the webinar instructor. 
  • Keyboard: Allows you to “chat” and interact with the instructor by typing responses, comments and questions.

Register for a Webinar

To enroll in any of the webinars, please navigate to MyUSF > MY Resources > USF Empolyee Learning.

Once logged in, search for the applicable webinar to choose a date. 

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customized webinar

Customized Webinars tailor training to your team's specific needs.

Through customized webinars, HR Learning & Talent Development facilitators can tailor training content to meet a team’s specific needs, determined by research-based assessments, best practices and tools, in an interactive, remote environment.

Team Building with CliftonStrengths

CliftonStrengths, an online talent assessment created by Gallup Inc., is a powerful tool for developing high-performing teams. In this customized workshop, members of a team will take the CliftonStrengths online assessment individually (the cost is approximately $15 per person, purchased by the requesting department, directly through the vendor), then the facilitator will guide the group through the corresponding CliftonStrengths activities that are proven to increase engagement, encourage collaboration, and improve productivity and results. Participants will take away knowledge and skills on how to develop their own, and their team's, efficiency and performance.

Customized Webinar Offerings

 Team Building with CliftonStrengths and all Live Webinar topics may be developed into a customized webinar, finely tuned to your team's specific needs. However, if you don’t see a topic that aligns with your needs, please contact us so we can discuss how to develop the skills important for your team.

How to Schedule a Customized Webinar

Please email