Training & Resources

As Project Drive implementation progesses, we will add more audience-specific trainings and resources.

Oracle-provided Trainings / Informational Videos

Oracle 101: Oracle HCM Product Explainer Videos

This YouTube playlist features short explanations of the following:

  • Oracle Global Payroll Overview
  • Oracle Cloud HCM Overview
  • Oracle Talent Management Overview
  • Oracle Workforce Management Overview
  • Oracle Learning Overview

If you want to gain a better foundational understanding of everything Oracle HCM has to offer, check out Oracle’s Learning Explorer for HCM. For more information on getting started, please see our Project Drive Training Guide.

Change Ambassador Network / Department Support

Each area within USF is aligned with a Change Ambassador to support this change within their respective area(s). They are able to assist with questions, support, and concerns as it applies directly to your area(s).

Identified Change Ambassadors (Last updated: June 5, 2024)

Please contact your area(s) Change Ambassador for questions or reach out to for assistance if your area is not represented. 

Project Team / Directory

Name Role
Angela Sklenka Executive Sponsor
Sidney Fernandes Executive Sponsor
Jennifer Condon Executive Sponsor
Vikash Pattnaik Project Manager
Jenny Paulsen Executive Project Director
Angela Badell Functional HCM & Workflow Lead
Taryn Williams  HCM Change Management Lead
Peter Berardi CHR Operations / Talent Management
Alexis Mootoo Job Architecture
Arlene Padilla Compensation / Job Architecture
Everton Steele HR Information Systems (HRIS)
Jackson Short HR Information Systems (HRIS)
Jeff Schueler Payroll / Time & Labor
Jennifer Landon Lead HR Information Systems (HRIS)
Jesse Rodriguez HCM Analytics
Jon Canady Learning /  Talent Mgt, Career Dev, Goal Mgt, Succession / Onboarding Integration w/ HCM and Talent / Oracle Guided Learning / Worklife Solutions
Kranthi Pulakunta IT / Developer / Technical, Integrations, Environment
Lisa Lamont Benefits / Time & Labor / Absence Mgt
Lorinda Stroup Payroll 
Michel Ferrell Compensation / Workforce Planning / Self Service & Workflow / Oracle Intelligent Advisor
Robin Davis Data / Payroll / Time & Labor / Core HCM
Shawna Neckar Position Management / Workforce Planning / Analytics 
Sharmila Kamath IT / Data Conversion Lead / Developer / Technical, Integrations, Environment
Stephanie Wise Recruiting & Onboarding / Absence Mgmt  / Benefits / Recruiting & Onboarding / Workforce Planning / Worklife Solutions
Tiffany Jackson Core HR / Data & Workflow
William Huckeby IT / Developer / Technical, Integrations, Environment

Monthly Talking Points

Monthly talking points for the Oracle transformation improve communication and alignment for leaders. They provide a clear guide for team members to convey the project's goals, status, and benefits, keeping everyone informed and ready to interact with stakeholders and partners.

May 2024 Talking Points

April 2024 Talking Points

March 2024 Talking Points

February 2024 Talking Points

January 2024 Talking Points

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