Frequently Asked Questions

This frequenctly asked questions section will continue to grow as our project continues. Please check back for additional questions and answers. 

USF’s focus is to lay the foundation for new ways of working - to support this mission, USF will transition to Oracle’s HCM Cloud system; this will move our business processes, reporting, and office productivity into Oracle Cloud.



What is Oracle?

Oracle is a database management system that helps users see data in new and simple ways. The Oracle Cloud HCM solution will allow users to transform HR, using systems and business processes that are simple and intuitive to use. Oracle is focusing on market leading development to ensure capabilities evolve at an unprecedented pace and enable institutions to meet their needs.

What is Oracle Cloud HCM?

Oracle Cloud HCM is a complete cloud solution offering everything you need, including a best-in-class employee experience, cloud-native infrastructure, and continual innovation, which leads to a more productive workforce and happier clients.

Why Oracle Cloud HCM? 

To help make USF a great place to work, we need to make HR simple and easy for everyone. By adopting Oracle Cloud HCM's standardized, consistent processes across HR, leadership can make better decisions that will reduce cost (e.g., less hours burned tracking forms down across different systems) and grow our people by utilizing their full talent stack (rather than sticking them with manual tasks).

How will this new system benefit USF?

Our employees will have a more intuitive and digitally-enabled working experience, with access to the type of technology many are accustomed to in their daily lives.

Our managers and HR Partners will have the space to effectively manage their teams, build enduring capability, inspire others and create an environment where leaders of tomorrow can develop and thrive.

Our leaders will be able to make more informed, data-driven decisions about their business and the people within it​.

Our HR Community will deliver greater value, improved services and employee support as we continuously evolve and as a result, provide more fulfilling careers​.

What does Project Drive mean for you?

Ability to create digitally enabled, and personalized employee experiences from application to career development, empowered leadership making more informed, data-driven decisions, and an inspired HR community delivering greater value to USF strengthening employee connections and creating a more sustainable system.

When will Oracle HCM become available to employees?

According to the current implementation schedule, employee availability will begin in Fall of 2024. Please refer to the timeline and updates page for more details.

How will I be able to access the platform?

In addition to accessing Oracle HCM via laptop or desktop, many modules will also be available for mobile devices. 

How can I share questions, concerns, or feedback with the Project Drive Team?

You can share questions, concerns, feedback by filling out this form. Someone from the Project Drive Team will follow-up with you accordingly.