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USF Student Memorial Receives Award of Merit from Plan Hillsborough

People gather around the USF Student Memorial on USF Tampa campus

The USF Student Memorial was conceived and funded by the USF Student Government as a tribute to the lives of students who passed away during their time of enrollment or during time of military service.

Students were fully engaged throughout the process, from concept to site selection through construction. The site is in a shaded area along a sidewalk with a row of colorful Crepe Myrtle trees connecting the new mixed-use Village and the Marshall Student Center. Water is an important feature of the memorial. The fountains actively symbolize life, while masking the noise of nearby traffic. The water then flows along a five-foot tall black granite inscription wall toward the reflecting pool, symbolizing the passing of life. The water then enters the quiet reflecting pool, where it becomes calm and restful, representing eternity.

The engraved granite wall provides a lasting tribute that, sadly, continues to be updated annually. The curved seat wall defines the opposite edge of the plaza and a colorful landscape provides a soft edge to the surrounding natural environment of mature Live Oaks, completing the serene space where one can reflect that life is precious and fleeting.

This article was originally released as part of the Planning Commission's 36th Annual Planning & Design Awards announcement.

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