University of South Florida


Manley Jaquiss’s Bulls spirit is contagious

By Sandra C. Roa, University Communications and Marketing  

Manley Jaquiss is one of USF’s most actively involved alums. In a sense, Jaquiss never really left USF since the first time he stepped onto the Tampa campus 40 years ago. He attends almost all the football games and alumni events with his wife and daughter, who are also USF alumnae. His constant engagement led to his role as the Alumni Association’s director, in which he served two terms. Jaquiss and his family continue to be involved at many levels of the university community. 

Jaquiss’s student experience was transformative. His initial plan was to become a dentist, but after taking Professor Kathleen Heide’s “Intro to Criminology” course, Jaquiss excitedly pursued his studies in the College of Community and Behavioral Sciences. In 1986, Jaquiss earned his bachelor’s degree in criminology and in 2015, he received a master’s degree in criminal justice administration. “Both degrees prepared me and got me excited about my job,” Jaquiss said. “It lit a fuse that still burns to this day.” Jaquiss applies the ethics and concepts he learned at USF in his long-standing career at the Florida Department of Corrections as a senior correctional supervisor. 

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