The mindset and behaviors of modern undergraduate students present new challenges for higher education at a time when colleges and universities—driven by accountability measures—are seeking to transform the way we think about and practice student success. Inclusivity, food insecurity, debt, stress, work/life balance and attention span are just some of the issues adding to the obstacles that both universities and students must address to reach higher levels of persistence and graduation.

Successful colleges and universities are implementing comprehensive strategies that focus on academic as well as non-academic issues, using all tools at their disposal—including big data and high tech—to deliver the right support, to the right student, at the right time.  These innovative approaches help to not only remove the barriers that slow or halt student progression but enrich the student experience, leading to the ultimate student success—graduation and career.

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Conference Focus

The third annual National Student Success Conference: Innovators & Innovations in Higher Education, cohosted by the University of South Florida and the Florida Consortium of Metropolitan Research Universities in warm sunny Tampa, will bring together higher education innovators, thought leaders and practitioners from across the nation to discuss innovations in student success, trends, challenges and best practices related to:

  • Admissions
  • Financial aid
  • Advising
  • Student affairs
  • Health and wellness
  • Housing and residential education
  • Undergraduate education
  • Institutional research
  • Career readiness
  • Predictive analytics
  • Information technology 
  • and more!

With a maximum of 400 attendees, multiple insightful plenary sessions and 36 workshops, attendees will benefit from an intimate forum to learn about effective practices and make valuable connections to further your institution’s student success initiatives. Plus, sunny warm Tampa is an excellent place to visit in March!



Associate provosts, vice presidents, associate/assistant vice presidents, deans, associate/assistant deans and directors leading, designing and implementing policies, programs and initiatives focused on enhancing the student experience and improving persistence and graduation rates for your institution will benefit from attending this conference.

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