Presenters' powerpoint decks

These workshop Powerpoint decks are being shared with attendees of the 2020 National Student Success Conference to help reinforce learning from the conference. Please do not publish or share these decks without obtaining the permission from the respective presenter. Thank you!

Workshop Session A:

Leveraging Analytics and Data to Promote Faculty Engagement in Student Success Partnerships

Best Practices for Developing Career-Ready Leaders on Campus and in the Community

Using Student and Parent/Family Insights to Improve Retention

Hi, I'm "Bot": Centering First-Generation Student Success with Chatbot Technology

Increasing Degree Attainment through Local College Access Networks

The Last Strategy to Start the Semester: Combatting Drop for Non-Pay (currently unavailable)


Workshop Session B:

Retaining African-American Males in College: Hands Up! Stop, Wait. Do I Belong Here?  

Tackling Misperceptions Among Youth Looking at College and Careers

Using Financial Aid Incentives for Student Success

Talk to the Chatbot: The Potential of AI for Student Success

Four Year and Community College Partnership That Works, additional slides

Clicks, Context and Koicha -- Why Higher Education Needs Thick Data (currently unavailable)


Workshop Session C:

Incremental Impact: Using Existing Resources to Impove Student Success

Sustaining Student Success with Positive Perceptions of Change

Increasing Student Completion: Examining Causal Effects of Re-enrollment Strategies (currently unavailable)

Turning the Utah Pledge Into Action: A Holistic Approach to Improving Retention

Graduation Help Desks: A System-wide Approach to Success

Digital Dissonance: Learning to Embrace Change and Enhance the Student Experience (currently unavailable)

Emergency Aid: A Critical Component of a Holistic Student Success Model (currently unavailable)


Workshop Session D:

What to Do About the Exploding Need for Mental Health Services?

Optimizing Degree Plans for Student Success Curricular Analytics (currently unavailable)

Partnering Research and Practice to Promote Student Success (currently unavailable)

Innovative Financial Models to Address Completion

Aligning Study Abroad with Campus-wide Student Success Initiatives

Success in the City: Connecting First Year Seminar Students with Wrap-Around Support (currently unavailable)


Workshop Session E:

Student Voices are Missing in the Student Success Conversation

Harnessing the Power of Peers to Foster Student Success

Incorporating "Intentional Touchpoints" to Promote Retention of First Year Students

The APP Tool: Can We Promote Student Success Through Student Self-Determination?

Supporting Foster Care Youth in College Success

Academic Advocacy: An Emerging Solution for Truning Information Into Action (currently unavailable)


Workshop Session F:

Looking to the Future: Supporting Student and Institutional Success Today and Tomorrow (currently unavailable)

Leverage Parent Engagement and Technology to Improve Student Success

Infusing Career Thinking into the Curriculum: Spelman's Career Pathways Initiative

DABA: A First Year Student's Post Orientation Online Summer Activities

Experiential Learning in an Artificially Intelligent Age

How a Coalition Effort is Shaping Public Policy for Today's Students (currently unavailable)