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“Breastfeeding: A Foundational Strategy to Strengthen Sustainability in Infant Nutrition and Development” by Dr. Joseph Dorsey and Marian Davidove, M.A., RDN

On December 30, 2022, Routledge published their Routledge Handbook of Sustainable Diets, a comprehensive overview of the relationship between diets and the health and well-being of society and the environment. The book is the accumulative contribution of several established multi-disciplinary diets across the world. Dr. Joseph Dorsey, PCGS faculty, co-authored Chapter 17 with PCGS alumna, former Food Sustainability concentration student, and Nutritionist, Marian Davidove, M.A., RD. The chapter is entitled “Breastfeeding: A foundational strategy to strengthen sustainability in infant nutrition and development”

Dr. Joseph Dorsey

Chapter 17 illuminates how breastfeeding can contribute to sustainable diets for infants and children. Breastfeeding, more than using formula, supports healthy nutrition in infants. The authors, offer insight, with parent(s) building a holistic approach and sustainable strategies for introducing solid food. Breastfeeding can be understood as a sustainable diet for the first six months and then a major component into early childhood as it is naturally provided by the lactating mother. This inquiry considers ways to promote and sustain breastfeeding over time. This evidence-based examination seeks to apply a holistic systems analysis and identifies the complications that can arise. This chapter includes biological, economic, societal, cultural, and environmental aspects of breastfeeding and describes the long-term implications of sustainable diets in early childhood nutrition and human development.

"Handbook of Sustainable Diets” thoughtfully and unapologetically tackles the difficult conversations that need to be had now about the impacts of sustainable eating and sustainable food systems. It provides much needed practical methods from every facet of life and beautifully lays them out for us to follow. This is a must read for all researchers, policy makers, activists, and eaters.", said Amy Symington, Cookbook author, nutrition professor, researcher and plant-based chef with George Brown College, Canada.

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