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PCGS Students and Dr. Pradeep conducts Electrification Study

PCGS Students and Dr. Pradeep Haldar conducts Electrification Study at Tampa International Airport

PCGS Students Partnered with Tampa Interantional Airport (TPA) on an Electrification Study with Dr. Pradeep Haldar

PCGS and Tampa International Airport (TPA) have been collaborating to provide exciting training opportunities while reviewing sustainable initiatives for consideration. Students from the Sustainable Business Concentration at PCGS worked with the Sustainability and Innovation team at TPA to provide recommendations to achieve Net Zero goals as part of their electrification effort. As part of their “ESG for Sustainable Business” class taught by Dr. Pradeep Haldar, a PCGS faculty member, the students acted as ‘consultants-in-training’ to review, analyze and report on various projects to achieve TPA’s ESG, net-zero and resiliency goals. They performed comprehensive research throughout the spring semester that included financial and technical analysis on energy efficient lighting, renewable solar PV with energy storage, and converting their transportation fleet to electric vehicles. The students made convincing presentations to TPA’s C-level executives and staff at their brand new, impressive LEED-certified SkyCenter board room and successfully answered several probing questions. Their recommendations are being taken seriously for implementation[LP1] .

This was not the first time PCGS has partnered with TPA in a sustainability program. In August 2022, PCGS students attended a comprehensive tour hosted by Eric Caplan and Melissa Solberg of the TPA facilities, including the outdoor garden terrace, solar array, central utility plant, main terminal, express lanes, and the mentioned LEED-certified SkyCenter. The goal is to develop and provide TPA with a list of priority recommendations for future sustainability planning that will serve as a powerful tool for identifying short-term and long-term investments that could provide potential savings, lead to higher performance, and provide sustainable and resilient operations. This sustaining partnership with TPA increases PCGS’s impact on the local industry and allows both to achieve their community and sustainability objectives.

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