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The sustainability sector is growing at an increasingly rapid rate. From clean energy to building sustainable enterprise, sustainability expertise is in high demand as the world shifts to a green economy. Below is a list of featured job opportunities for the sustainability graduate students and alumni. 

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Featured Jobs
Recycling position - City of Orlando Research Analyst Senior Manager - Environment & Sustainability

Position: Recycling position - City of Orlando

Position: Research Analyst


Position: Research Associate, Climate Change Policy

Location: Irving-TX

 Functioning as a liaison between the City of Orlando and The Recycling Partnership, this position will spearhead a yearlong project concentrating on the assessment and research gathering specifics related to recycling at multifamily properties in the City of Orlando.  The key focuses for this position will be increasing recycling participation, increasing the volume of recyclables collected, and lowering contamination.

 This position will be responsible for collecting, testing, and analyzing data relevant to the existing multifamily properties with recycling programs, while at the same time work with new properties to get sustainable programs established.   Particular duties include (but are not limited to): baseline data capture, development of research methods, report writing and presenting, interacting with residents, overseeing field work, as well as other tasks as assigned. 

 The expected deliverables obtained from this position include:

Increasing the number of recycling programs at multifamily properties throughout the City.
It is estimated that only about half of all multifamily properties in Orlando have recycling programs.  The fact that just over half of the City’s population lives in apartment/condos, coupled with recent policy changes to require recycling, makes the potential for impact significant.
Increasing the amount of recyclable material collected
According to figures from the EPA, the average person in the US generates ~1.5 lbs of recyclable material per day. 
Lowering the contamination of multifamily recycling loads
The City has employed a number of different techniques for lowering contamination for single family residences, it is the intent to utilize the viable intervention strategies toward the goal of lowering contamination at multifamily properties. 
Better understand the learning curve associated with recycling behavior change
The goal is to design a methodology centered on the question: How long does it typically take for behavior change based on provided educational materials.  This would be a key component in the initial educational campaign and treated more as a longer range study.


 Undergraduate degree (or in pursuit), in Environmental Science or Engineering, Public Admin., Sustainability, or a related field.  Master’s degree preferred and/or 2 years of experience in the solid waste or recycling industries.  Ability to work outside for extended hours.  Valid Florida driver’s license is required.

 Please contact Joseph England at for more information.

To fill our Research Analyst role, we are seeking professionals who have developed specialized expertise in
specific areas of recycling and waste reduction, along with the ability to produce high-quality research
documents. A research analyst may be responsible (under the direction of a project manager and/or project
director) for portions of a project, coordinating research, planning tasks, and the work of researchers.
Typically, research analysts are focused on developing and improving professional expertise toward becoming
• Performs and coordinates research and assigned tasks, including research in all areas of expertise, with
emerging specialty in defined areas as required
• Writes and edits products that are accurate and of high quality with minimal technical and stylistic
editing by senior people
• Meets with other professionals in task-oriented meetings
• Limited client contact (under the supervision of a project manager or a designated consultant)
• Provides technical leadership to the company in areas of special expertise

Lehigh Hanson is seeking a Senior Manager of Environmental & Sustainability for our Corporate office in Irving, TX.

Environmental sustainability and doing our part to mitigate climate change while moving toward a circular economy are core sustainability values at Lehigh Hanson and HeidelbergCement.

In this role you will drive progress to reduce our carbon footprint, minimize waste, identify recycling opportunities, promote biodiversity, and support water management throughout Lehigh Hanson’s operations in North America. You will also oversee the reporting of our progress to HeidelbergCement as well as other platforms to key stakeholder groups. If you are ready to make positive transformational changes for our organization as well as in the world, we would be happy to welcome you to the Lehigh Hanson Sustainability Team.

Climate Protection Consultant Research Associate Energy Benchmarking Sustainability Programs Coordinator

Position: Climate Protection Consultant

Location: Waller Creek Center, 625 E. 10th St., Austin , TX

Position: Research Associate, Climate Change Policy

Location:Washington State, DC

Position: Energy Benchmarking Sustainability Programs Coordinator

Location:City Hall, 350 South 5th Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Demonstrated interest in and awareness of environmental conservation and climate change issues, especially those facing water utilities
Experience researching environmental and climate change issues, especially related to water utilities, and presenting findings to citizens and stakeholders in various formats including policies and procedures, public education, presentations and reports to Boards, Commissions or Councils or other governing bodies
Experience leading cross-functional efforts to devise public policy, and collaborating with internal and external stakeholders at all levels and across geographies and platforms with the goal of building consensus

CFR’s David Rockefeller Studies Program is one of the country’s largest foreign policy think tanks with a widely respected and influential research staff. The Studies Program aims to advance the discussion of American foreign policy and international affairs through its writing, publications, public outreach, and discussions.

As part of the Studies Program, the research associate will support the work of the Senior Fellow for Climate Change Policy.

As the largest and most vibrant city in the state, Minneapolis depends on purposeful, dedicated and innovative employees. Minneapolis has a large variety of careers for people of all experiences and backgrounds who come together for a singular purpose--serving the residents, businesses and visitors of Minneapolis.The City of Minneapolis is seeks a full time, experienced Sustainability Program Coordinator focusing on Energy Benchmarking and Building Energy Efficiency to join the City Coordinator's Division of Sustainability. 
Environmental Scientist I TAMPA BAY WATCH Booz Allen Hamilton

Position: Environmental Scientist I (Energy & Water Mgmnt

Location: NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, FL

Position: Executive Director, Tampa Bay Watch Discovery Center

Location: The Pier - St. Petersburg, FL

Position: Sustainability Analyst

Location: Arlington, VA, US

Environmental Scientist will support the NASA Principal Center for Energy and Water Management. Agency task plans set requirements annually, however, at a minimum support includes:

 In coordination with Government, support the planning and execution of the NASA Energy and Water Efficiency Panel (EEP).

  Support the coordination and preparation for the energy/water awareness and outreach campaign communication materials.

  Support the development of energy/water outreach themes, priorities and outreach campaign materials.

  Support the Government in preparing for and conducting NASA Environmental and Energy Functional Reviews (EEFRs).

 The Executive Director is the chief executive of the Discovery Center and, as such, is responsible for the general and fiscal leadership and management of the organization, including operations, programs, staff, volunteers, partnerships, fundraising, budgets, external relations and the overall visitor experience. Above all, the Executive Director of the Discovery Center is charged with delivering on the mission and goals of the organization in a fiscally sound manner and will represent the Discovery Center as its chief advocate and spokesperson throughout the community. This person plays a leading role, working closely with the President of Tampa Bay Watch, its Board of Directors and staff, in developing and articulating the strategic direction of the Discovery Center and implementing the resulting strategies and initiatives. Provide analytical and reporting support to an Army National Guard program. Review and validate modernization and construction projects focused on energy and water efficiency, renewable energy, energy security, energy resiliency and utilities or infrastructure projects. Validate estimates within the document based on applicable National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) regulations. Review, validate, and consolidate data related to base operations, including electrical, water, waste water, heating and cooling, other utilities, and solid waste operations. Coordinate reporting energy, water, and renewable energy data into the Army Energy and Water Reporting System (AEWRS) to the 54 states and territories’ energy managers.  
New Orleans Covention Center U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation

Corporate Citizenship Center (CCC)

Parks, Recreation, and Natural Resources

Position: Director Sustainability & CSR

Location: New Orleans, LA, US

Position:  Associate Manager, Circular Economy & Sustainability Program

Location:  Headquarters, Washington, District Of Columbia

Position:  Environment Specialist

Location:  Various Sarasota County Locations

The Director of Sustainability and CSR is responsible for coordinating a unified environmental and social responsibility strategy for the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. This individual works closely with all departments to strategically develop and execute sustainability objectives for the organization to be a neighbor of choice, an employer of choice, and a local and industry leader.  Support the senior director of the Sustainability and Circular Economy Program by helping implement core sustainability programming and the CCC’s flagship recycling initiative, Beyond 34: Recycling and Recovery for a New Economy. The person in this position will perform a variety of duties to ensure the smooth functioning of the program using organizational, communications, research, event management, fundraising, and administrative skills.   This is professional work managing land and amenities, habitat restoration, listed species monitoring, management of nuisance species; coordination of activities for safe park use and positive v isitor experiences, volunteer recruitment, training and coordination, managing special events, providing environmental education and nature-based programs; contract management and oversight and development of land management plans for assigned parks. The work schedule for this position is Sunday through Thursday.

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