Outreach & Engagement

Community Engaged Courses for Students

As part of the USF Enhanced General Education Program, USF students are required to take 3 hours in Ethical Reasoning and Civic Engagement (ERCE).  There are a number of courses related to anti-racism and diversity that fulfill this requirement including:

  • AMS 3700    Racism in American Society
  • ANT 4401     Exploring Cross-Cultural Diversity
  • EDF 3694     Schools in Society
  • LIT 3353       Literature, Race, and Ethnicity
  • SPA 3470     Culture and Diversity in CSD
  • TSL 4080      ESOL - Curriculum and Pedagogy of ESOL

Students are also required to take 3 hours in Human and Cultural Diversity. Of these courses, many of these focus on anti-racism and inclusion including the selected following:

  • AFA 2000       Introduction to the Black Experience
  • EDF 2085       Education, Diversity, and Global Society
  • EVT 4651       Equity in Schools and Workplace
  • PHC 4464     Introduction to Health Disparities & Social Determinants
  • WST 3015     Introduction to Women's Studies

For a complete listing of courses that fulfill the USF requirements, please visit the Enhanced General Education Course Inventory page.