Faculty Focus

Anti-Racist Pedagogy & Inclusive Excellence

Dr. Alexis Mootoo teaching

How prepared are USF faculty to handle the challenges of teaching during a moment when systemic racism and anti-Blackness have been elevated as major societal ills? Most USF faculty members are not experts on racism, and many have never considered or may have thought only fleetingly about the importance of anti-racist pedagogy and inclusive excellence. In order to address these gaps in knowledge, members of the USF community have developed resources to create a space to support faculty as they develop and/or adapt existing courses to better incorporate “best practices” related to antiracist pedagogy and inclusive excellence.

Available Opportunities

Academy for Teaching & Learning Excellence (ATLE) Faculty Book Club

Enlightenment Workshop Series

Teaching & Learning in a Diverse Classroom

In 2019, Dr. Tim Henkel and Dr. Michelle Madden started facilitating a 5-week course on Teaching and Learning in Diverse Classrooms with our faculty and staff at the St. Petersburg campus, based on work done at Cornell University. Learn more.

Women's and Gender Studies Anti-Racism Speaker Series

Faculty Work and Engagement

Engineering faculty Help Organize Summit on Anti-Racism and Equity

Dr. Norma Alcantar and Dr. Sylvia Thomas are serving on the steering committee for "Equity and Anti-Racism: A Roadmap to Policy Transformation in BME," a virtual summit for the field of biomedical engineering. 

Geosciences Faculty Member and Alumna Among Joint Recipients of the American Geophysical Union Presidential Citation Recipients

Assistant Professor Dr. Sarah Sheffield and PhD alumna Dr. Lis Gallant were part of the AGU team recognized for their work on a "Call for a Robust Anti-Racism Plan for The Geosciences."