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Across our university, staff members and departments are working to create diverse and inclusive spaces, learning how systemic racism impacts our community and putting anti-racist policies into practice. Here we highlight some of this work so staff can learn more about what these processes look like in action. Please be sure to share your own work with us.

Student Success Division at USF St. Petersburg Campus

Race and Social Justice Hour

Following the murder of George Floyd, the Student Success Division wanted to create a dedicated space and time each week for staff to come together to discuss systemic racism, to learn about the Black Lives Matter Movement and discuss social justice in action, learn about racism and white privilege in the United States, address action items for USF and share thoughts and experiences. Since June 9, 2020, the division has met as a large group and in small groups on a voluntary basis. The goal is to work as a division to assess existing policies, practices and procedures to identify and eliminate racism and implicit bias for all members of the USF community. Topics discussed include:

  • Personal Comfort in Difficult Conversations
  • White Privilege
  • White Supremacy
  • Allyship
  • Managing Race and Racism in Liberal Spaces: Policy and Governance vs. Individualism
  • Black Feminist Thought and the Historical Context of Black Women
  • Sociocultural Health Disparities and Systematic Barriers to Healthcare
  • Multi-Cultural Student Organizations and Advising
  • Retention Data
  • Mental Health and Race

Diversity & Inclusion Committee Annual Division Training: Professionalism in the 21st Century

The field of higher education has consistently been on the forefront of creating space for inclusive practices and difficult dialogues. However, one area often gets overlooked even in our diverse environment, and that is the concept of professionalism. Have we asked ourselves what it means to be "professional" or how it gets practiced in our daily functions? Even more notable and complex is the overlay of implicit bias and intersectionality on how we perceive aspects of professionalism.

We hope this panel will open up a conversation with members of our higher education community and shed light on the personal perspectives of people who have dealt the interconnections of these challenges. After the panel, we will break into small groups to dive deeper into these concepts by using scenarios to represent the myriad of obstacles that can present themselves in professional environments, and how a diverse workforce can positively adapt to our dynamic environment and promote inclusivity. We will end our day with a large group discussion about what we learned. Speakers include:

  • Corey Posey, Sarasota-Manatee Campus Diversity Officer
  • Aerial Hall, Student Success Graduate Student

  • Cristina Yelvington, Office of Multicultural Affairs Coordinator

  • Shelby Nurse, Student Accessibility Services Coach

  • Nathan Bruemmer, Attorney & Community Advocate

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