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Anti-Racism Courses

See a comprehensive list of courses offered by CAS on Race, Racism, Social Justice and Social Inequalities

As part of the USF Enhanced General Education Program, USF students are required to take 3 hours in Ethical Reasoning and Civic Engagement (ERCE).  There are a number of courses related to anti-racism and diversity that fulfill this requirement including:

  • AMS 3700 Racism in American Society
  • ANT 4401 Exploring Cross-Cultural Diversity
  • EDF 3694 Schools in Society
  • LIT 3353 Literature, Race, and Ethnicity
  • SPA 3470 Culture and Diversity in CSD
  • TSL 4080 ESOL - Curriculum and Pedagogy of ESOL

Students are also required to take 3 hours in Human and Cultural Diversity. Of these courses, many of these focus on anti-racism and inclusion including the selected following:

  • AFA 2000 Introduction to the Black Experience
  • EDF 2085 Education, Diversity, and Global Society
  • EVT 4651 Equity in Schools and Workplace
  • PHC 4464 Introduction to Health Disparities & Social Determinants
  • WST 3015 Introduction to Women's Studies

Students are required to take hours in Creative Thinking. Of these courses, many focus on anti-racism and inclusion, including the selected following: 

  • SYD 3700 Racial and Ethnic Relations

For a complete listing of courses that fulfill the USF requirements, please visit the Enhanced General Education Course Inventory page.

Anti-Racism courses in the College of Arts & Sciences

As part of the CAS for Change initiative, the College of Arts and Sciences will be offering numerous courses to address substantive issues related to race, systemic racism and anti-racism.