Who We Are

Mission and Principles of Community

As an expression of our commitment to the ongoing advancement and success of the three campuses that comprise One USF, our campus community including the faculty, staff and students are guided by USF’s Principles of Community. These principles serve as the guide posts that direct the development of our strategic initiatives, and also shape how we interact with each other on an individual basis. The Principles of Community include: 

  • Excellence with Equity
  • Diversity with Inclusion
  • Freedom with Responsibility
  • Dialogue with Respect
  • Transparency and Accountability

These Principles of Community offer a mandate for USF to not only actively engage in efforts to raise consciousness about systemic racism and especially virulent forms of anti-Black racism, they challenge us to work together to devise solutions that dismantle this system of oppression. With an understanding that anti-racism must occur at the institutional and individual level, we are dedicated to developing a multi-faceted approach that involves all members of the campus community and at every level.