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Diversity, Anti-Racism & Equity Dashboards

The Diversity, Anti-Racism & Equity (DARE) Dashboards are an essential part of our efforts at the University of South Florida to cultivate more inclusive and anti-racist campuses. Our specific focus on anti-racism on these performance dashboards is intentional because it reflects our understanding that systemic racism is real, and the recognition that our success as a university hinges on our ability to eliminate racial inequities. Anti-racism describes the active process of re-evaluating organizational structures, policies, practices and beliefs in order to eliminate systemic racism and ensure racial equity. Hence, the DARE Dashboards will establish our baseline and serve as the basis for which we: 

  • Set goals and track progress
  • Identify challenges and opportunities for growth
  • Re-evaluate university policy and practices

Building on the robust data housed in the Office of Decision Support, the DARE Dashboards will be populated with traditional quantitative metrics, alongside understudied subjective measures of success that capture the multidimensionality of student, faculty and staff experience. The scope of the DARE Dashboards requires that they advance through phased development:

Phase I: Student Data 

Phase II: Faculty & Staff Data

Phase III: Academic & Institutional Support Data 

View Dr. Elizabeth Hordge-Freeman's presentation on the DARE Dashboards, as delivered the Board of Trustees in November: